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FAQ Page

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q:I see some magician's websites and more than one say they are the Number ONE magician in Sydney.  How can this be?

A: It's just sales copy to try and get you to book them.  No one can say they are number one because magic is subjective plus there is no criteria set down on how to judge who could possibly be number one. Even if they win competitions it does not make them the best choice for your party.

Q:  Do you have a 'Working With Children Police Check"?

A:  Yes.

Q: Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

A: Yes. 

Q:  Do you do the show or do you send someone else?

A:  I do the show.

Q:  Do you do the same show for every age group of children?

A:  My shows vary depending upon the age of my audience.  A five year old show would be very different from an eight year old show.  And so forth for the different age groups.

Q:  Do you use volunteers in your show?

A:  YES!  They do the magic.  I just watch in awe!!!


Q:  Are your shows funny?

A:  Yes.  Too funny sometimes!  I have had children fall over laughing and I have thought, "There goes my insurance!"  But no one has ever been hurt.

Q: Paul, I was wondering why you don't use a rabbit in your show anymore? 

A: The short answer is I didn't think it was fair on the rabbit.  In hot weather I had

to put my rabbit in a box and then put that box in my bigger box to carry to the venue.

You can imagine what it could be like for an animal in that situation. So I stopped doing it. 

Also, children sometimes grabbed or poked my rabbit which I never liked.

Rabbits can actually catch infection from children.

Some children are scared of rabbits. 

If they wee it STINKS!!! 

Q:  Why don't you perform in parks?

A:  I no longer perform birthday party shows in parks as there are too many thngs that can disrupt the show and I only want to do my best show everytime I perform. 

Here are some of the issues faced in the past:

Arriving at a park and there being no parking left and having to park a very long distance away.  This could make me late for the event.

Not being able to find people in the park and no one answering their mobile.

Other children joining the audience and spoiling it for the birthday child.

Dogs sniffing around and concerning parents and frightening kids.

Insects on the ground for the audience to get bitten by.

Flying insects...epecially wasps or bees!!!

Poor weather and people thinking I should not receive payment as the show could not go ahead but not realising I turned down another four shows to be there for them.

Dirty and dusty parks that left me and my gear scruffy but still having to get to another party and look the goods.


Q:  Do you use any live animals?

A:  I no longer use live animals in my shows. (see the Rabbit answer above if you would like a more detailed answer)


Q:  Why do you charge more than some of the other magicians I have spoken to.

A:  There is no national standard set fee for a magic show.  I am full-time and take a professional approach to my work.  I have insurance and business expences and pay my taxes.  I am not someone who works through the week and does a show on the weekend for a bit more income.


Q:  Why do you charge less than some of the other magicians I have spoken to?

A:  I charge what I believe is a fair price for my customers and myself.  I have been full-time for the past sixteen years in Sydney and believe I have a hold on what is a fair price and what is not.


Q:  How far do you travel?

A:  I generally travel all around NSW and Sydney.  My prices will vary depending upon travel time.



Q:  Do you do shows at private homes?

A:  Yes I do.  Most of my work is done in private homes.