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Welcome to Paul's Magic

Your Kids Magician Sydney With
GUARANTEED Laughter, Amazement,
and Fun at YOUR PARTY or EVENT ...
...Or Your Money Back!


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20 + Years Full-Time
1000's of Shows
1000's of Happy Clients
10's of 1000's of Thrilled Kids
No Event Too Small

Attention Parents

Want to know the easiest way possible to make your
child the STAR of a fun and amazing Magic Show?


How to Have a Party Your Child Will Remember
For A Very Long Time? -- Absolutely!
Here’s a quick look at what others have said....
My now 11 year old said the best party he ever had was the
6 year old party you did at our place! Amazing job.
To create memories that last forever.
Michelle French. West-Pymble

I had you for both my son's birthdays some years back now.
We all love your show, and I’m glad to see you are still going strong....
our boys are 12 (Dale) and 9 (Kane) but still remember you and your fab show.
The boys often watch my home movies of their birthday parties and say
"He was the best Mum, that was my favourite birthday!
"Love to you and your family, from Sarah and all the McCarthys'.


What type of Magic do I offer?
The best type...
The Magic of Making Your Child Feel Special!

Discover How to Supercharge Your Child's Next
Birthday Party with Laughter, Amazement and Fun.
Magical Entertainment The Whole Family Will Love!

Who am I and what do I do?

I'm Paul Cummings and for over 20 years I’ve been a popular magician to hire

in Sydney making birthday parties and events unforgettable.

My time and talents are in making birthday parties easier
for Mums and Dads all across Sydney, N.S.W.

How do I achieve this?

I blend comedy, magic tricks, puppetty, magic lessons, and balloon
twisting, into unique birthday party entertainment.

As a full-time professional magician my one-of-a-kind,
fun party entertainment is the type your child,
their friends, and your family, will remember for a very long time!

Over 20 plus years of being a kids entertainer in Sydney I’ve . . .

· Done thousands of magic shows

· Had thousands of happy customers

· Entertained tens of thousands of Children

There's no experimental material in my show –
it's all tried and true A+ material.

And the star of the show is YOUR CHILD!

Throughout my magic shows, magic will happen by the hands and
magic words of your child and their friends.
Which of course makes your child and their friends feel VERY special!

There is heaps of hilarious audience participation!

Every child's involved in some way.
Which is important because, as you know,
kids don’t want to only sit and watch –
they want to get into the action! Don’t they?

And of course, every show by PAUL’S MAGIC includes
guaranteed WOW moments.

Laughter, amazement and fun flow throughout my entire show!
Imagine how much fun you'll have watching every face
in your home filled with laughter and joy!

All my party packages guarantee
there will be laughter, amazement, and fun.

Sound good so far?

Experience means I can offer a birthday party package solutions to suit various
age groups and price ranges.
Mixed age groups are no problem at all either.
I make sure there's a package friendly to every family's needs.

Flexibility too. If one of my standard packages doesn't fit,
I can craft a solution for you.

Want to find out more?

Why not call me now?
Together let's plan your child's next laughter,
amazement, and fun filled birthday party!



P.S. As you might imagine, weekends can be busy and fill up fast.
I actually have to turn down events each month.

My available times can fill up weeks in advance,

so I urge you to call me now to avoid disappointment.

Standard Party Options


I make choosing easy for you.
When you call just let me know which of the
following 3 options you are interested in.

1. The Puppet and Magic Show.
Ask for this if you want a show for PreSchool age.

2. The Classic Magic Show
Choose this option for older than preschool age.
I will tailor this option to the age range you provide.

3. The Magic and Mind Reading Show
This is suitable for 12 Years to adults.


I teach magic too.
My popular option is the 'Half Show Half Workshop'.
The kids see a magic show and then learn some real
magic tricks that they get to take home too.
I don't give the children a cheap plastic trick that can easily break.
I teach them some real magic moves and teach tricks
that will last them long after the workshop is over.
Great for OOSH etc.


This is where I stroll around at an event and engage people with
entertaining close-up magic exactly where they are standing or seated.
Great for Weddings, Restaurants, Clubs, etc.
I do this for children and adults.


Balloon Twisting is most commonly booked after a magic show
and makes a great take home gift for the children.
I also do balloon workshops for age 7 and above.
Great for parties or Vacation Care, etc.
Kids Magician Sydney Laughter, Amazement and Fun Banner

'Paul You Were Great.
You Should Have Your Own T.V. Show!'
Sarah Murdoch


Other Magicians say they are the #1 or Best Magician in Sydney. Why don't you?

Based on performance there is no way of saying who is the #1 or Best magician in Sydney. It is just advertising Jargon. I aim to be honest with no purposefully misleading information to try to manipulate sales. Yes, it probably costs me work, but integrity is more important for me.

Other Magicians display their awards on their website. Why don't you? Do you have any?

There are no performance based awards for children's magicians in Australia. You may see a magician displaying awards such as 'The most popular magician in Chatswood' or which ever suburb(s) they use. on their website. This in not a real award for performing magic. It's the site they advertise with giving them an award for getting visitors to their advertisements. Not really a great recommendation for booking a magician. Sadly these days google, amazon etc have a big problem with false reviews and misleading advertising.. The best thing to do is to call the magician you are interested in and have a good chat. You could try 0404033292 :)

Do you have a working with Children Police Check.?

Yes I do. It can viewed and checked by clients at their request. For more information on why a Police Check is important visit The Office of the Children's Guardian HERE

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes I do. Lots of party rooms and halls will no longer allow entertainers on their property without appropriate insurance. Find our more about public liability insurance HERE

Do the children get to help in your show?

Yes! The children are the stars in my shows. I use many volunteers. If it's a birthday party the special child gets a starring role! But there is a lot of audience participation in my shows.

Do you use a live rabbit in your show?

Some children are allergic to fur. Some methods of making a rabbit appear are not nice for the rabbit. If a rabbit were to wee on a clients carpet it would absolutely stink. So no, I do not use a live rabbit in my shows.

How long do your shows go for?

My shows are generally, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. The most commonly booked is my 45 minute show.

Do you perform shows outdoors in Parks?

There is so much that can go wrong that is out of my control in a park so I don't do shows in parks. Experience has taught me that there are too many variables that can spoil a magic show.

You live in Turramurra. How far do you travel?

I travel to all parts of Sydney but I do expect parking to be provided for me in places where parking is difficult such as Bondi or Paddington etc. Mainly to make sure I am never late for a show.

What's are fair Birthday Party Magician Prices?

Professional magician fees will vary based on the type of options you are choosing and the location. Travel time and distance involved and parking fees can change prices. With Paul Children's birthday party bookings can range from a 30 minutes show to a full 2hr party with Magic Show, games, prizes and Balloon Twisting. When paying good money always make sure you are getting the magician you paid for and not a cheap substitute.
Kids Magician Sydney - Pauls Magic Logo
Kids Magician Sydney - Pauls Magic Logo

Who is Paul?

A Kids Magician Sydney has to start somewhere.

Using his 'David Nixon Magic Set' Paul performed his first magic show at the age of 7 for his class at primary school. The show bombed out as a girl in his class had the same set at home was was telling everyone how the tricks were done!

Not one to give up, Paul turned professional just a mere 40 years later. Since then Paul has performed thousand's of magic shows for thousands of happy and satisfied clients, and has in effect entertained tens of thousands of kids.


Experience Counts

Because of his experience, Paul is able to perform age relevant shows for children of all ages. Sometimes it may be a bunch of all five years olds or maybe all nine year olds, but also a broad aged audience from three to fifteen years of age. He is able to make sure the show he provides has some relevance, meaning, excitement, and fun for all children attending. Paul can also provide a Family Magic Show with something for the whole family.
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